A clients handling wordpress plugin

Back End: Clients Posttype with auto-fulfill meta field

Back End: Clients Posttype with auto-fulfill meta field

Wordpress, Google Maps API

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I created my first Wordpress plugin "Mapple". A combination of the Words Map and Apple. Because using it shall come easy as an apple!

This shall become handy when a company want to show a list or map of clients on their Wordpress website.

The plugin creates a custom post type for clients.
You can easily add clients and output them on the Front End via shortcodes wherever needed.

The map functionality works with the Google Maps API fetches information from the Wordpress REST_API.
Resources added are minimal. I just added basic CSS and a small plain JavaScript Module.
In the Back End you will be able to fill the clients posts with additional meta field infos, like website's URL and the Address. While Address filling works comfortable with the Place API for Autocomplete.