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Well designed custom PDF printing with JS

invoice print out one page

invoice print out one page


A4, on Github


With the help of the jsPDF library by MrRio i relaunched my Invoice Design with the mighty power of JavaScript code.
Printing PDF's with code was and is a little nightmare. PDF's are created with PostScript and that doesn't works well with any Markup language like HTML.

This will simply improve my speed in writing invoices. Hopefully i will do write a lot.
Served with integrated SVG graphics is gentle on resources. Because of the optimized datasize ~100kb instead of delivering several mb's sized documents.

This template gots what it needs to restructure it as a simple letter. As it's DIN 5008 conform.
Here you can test this out https://andrekelling.github.io/jspdf-template/

With some tweaks here and there I can do apply your design on this and connected to a User Interface which could deliver data into the creation-code you could print your stuff in your own digital writing paper.