Company website and all around

Metalsmith, Bootstrap CSS


I builded this website for a friend of mine who got a company.

This website is created with the static website generator called metalsmith.
I heavily improved performance for mobile devices as the most requests are from them. Added a service worker for good sake. o.O

I also created the whole CI with Logo. Just the green colour was provided as he buyed some spraycans in a RAL color to paint his first working car. This green-yellow is a difficult colour as green always looks bit different.

I could revive my print-skills and created business cards, picture commercial ads, plans for a car trailer and various templates for big outdoor stickers for his other vehicles.

I set up a Google AdWords ad that generates the most traffic and drives his business to the desired result.
Reached a 100 score on google's pagespeed test when i was running it in April 2018!

So if you need to get rid of a tree inclusive root-trunk in and around the Berlin area. You must get in contact with him!